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  The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting with heads of the American "General Electric" and Turkish "Çalyk Enerji" 25-06-2015 23:54:59

The President of Turkmenistan held a meeting with Ricardo Cordoba, the head of American "General Electric", and Ahmet Chalyk, the head of the Turkish "Çalyk Ener

  Trade Unions in implementation of the State program "Year of attention and care for the senior generation" 17-06-2015 03:23:29

At the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in our country 2015 was declared as "Year of attention and care for the senior generation", and therefo

  Analysis of Drug Situation in Uzbekistan for 2014 15-06-2015 23:17:17

The main directions of drug prevention policy of Uzbekistan and its implementation

  Cooperation in the field of training of lawyers 15-06-2015 23:07:11

Tashkent hosted the International Conference «Improving the system of retraining and vocational training of judicial personnel: international practice and experience of Uzbekistan».

  NATO spokesman did not confirm the information that Ashgabat requested assistance to protect its boundary with Afghanistan from the alliance and the USA. 05-06-2015 20:49:07

NATO Liaison officer in Central Asia Alexander Vinnikov announced that the information about Turkmenistan’s request to the alliance for assistance to protect its

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