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  "Australia to Contribute Troops to Anti-IS Coalition" 14-09-2014 23:54:46

Australia is set to deploy hundreds of soldiers to the United Arab Emirates to support a US-led operation against "Islamic State" militants. Prime Minister Tony Abbott said 10 aircraft would also b

  "As Caliphates Compete, Radical Islam Will Eventually Weaken" 14-09-2014 23:41:19

 As Caliphates Compete, Radical Islam Will Weaken Eventually

A still from a video released by Nigerian militant group Boko Haram in February shows leader Abubakar Shekau surrounded by

  "EU and Ukraine Suspend Trade Pact" 14-09-2014 23:36:49

Ukraine and the EU are to delay the entry into life of a strategic trade treaty for more than one year due to Russian concerns.


The free trade pact was originally to enter in

   "EU Commission Creates New Foreign Policy Cell" 11-09-2014 23:53:10

The EU foreign relations chief is to move her office back to the European Commission to steer a cell of top officials on external policy.


The new commission president, Jean-C

   "Most Europeans Want Ukraine to Join the EU" 11-09-2014 23:50:23

Most Europeans say Ukraine should be invited to join the EU and want tougher sanctions on Russia.


The narrow majority (52 percent) in favour of Ukraine’s EU accession e

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