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  "Russia Denies Submarine Incident Off Sweden" 19-10-2014 23:34:45

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The Swedish navy said it launched a search after receiving "credible information"


  "More Deaths From Baghdad Bombings" 19-10-2014 23:24:25


A suicide bomber killed at least 15 people and injured many more at a funeral in Baghdad. Separately, Iraqi forces are fighting for control of a key town near a major oil refinery.

  "Oil Prices Continue to Define Geopolitics" 18-10-2014 23:16:18

Editor's Note: Oil prices dropped steeply Oct. 14, with crude oil futures falling 4.6 percent to $81.84 per barrel -- the biggest decrease in more than two years. Brent crude dropped by more than $

   "EU Summit At Risk of Belgian Police Strike" 18-10-2014 23:09:43

Will the Brussels summit also have to deal with a striking police force? (Photo: EUobserver)

When this question is asked with the coming week in Brussels in mind, it doesn't only refer to t

  "Putin Makes Nice on Ukraine at EU-Russia Mini-Summit" 18-10-2014 23:03:24

Russian leader Vladimir Putin told EU leaders he wants pro-Russia rebels to make peace with Ukraine at a meeting in Milan on Friday (17 October).


Coming out of the talks, Bri

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